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Let my clients answer some of the questions you may have.


" Diane "

Q. Do my methods work quickly....... and continue working?

A. "The acid test was going to be whether or not your methods solved our occupancy problems. They did so, very quickly, and have been a major factor in our constant, exceptionally high occupancy rate since you finished your assignment with us. Thank you."


" Amanda "

Q Do I give value for money?

A. "As well as having very effective strategies for increasing occupancy, Eric provides excellent service throughout the period for which he is engaged - and beyond, at no extra cost.

From being in a position of not knowing which way to turn to solve my problem, I am now in the happy position of having a profitable Care Home AND the continued support of a true expert in his field."


" Ronald "

Q. Do you get a REAL edge over your competitors?

A. "One last point to mention is that Mr Howard will not offer his assistance to other Homes in the same area. I know, from my own experience, that this is so. I would strongly recommend seeking his advice and using his methods before someone else does."


" Julia "

Q. Is it the right time for you to take action?

A. "We had 9 vacancies. With cash-flow being so bad, we hesitated before engaging you, even though your fees are modest, but we realised that we couldn't afford not to. We are thankful that we did."

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