Eric Howard

Specialist in Care Home marketing

and filling empty beds

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Is 100% occupancy the holy grail?


I would have thought so.


My clients tell me so.


You can also talk to those clients.


Recent Case Histories


• Client in Yorkshire, previously with 11 empty beds, now full

• Client (Learning Difficulties), previously with 4 empty beds,now full

• Client in the North East, previously with 7 empty beds, now full

• Client in Kent, previously with 5 empty beds, now full

• Client in North Wales, previously with 9 empty beds, now full.

• Client in London, previously with 14 empty beds, (2 Homes), now full

• Brand new Home, 54 beds. Full within 4 months

• New extension. 8 beds. Full in 6 weeks


I only work for one Home (or one group of Homes) in any one area, so that my clients benefit EXCLUSIVELY from my methods in their own particular area.


If you want that Home to be your Home, and not your competitor's, please call me now on 07770 902441 or click on the link below.


Bespoke marketing strategies devised and implemented

The UK's leading authority on the marketing of Care Homes